3rd Edition conference on

automotive design and styling

13th october 2017, 09:30 HRS

hotel itc grand chola,chennai.

09840948053, 07598846561

about the conference

Design can transform the way we do things, and result in new economic benefits and a better quality of life Design in India has matured over the years and is booming. By 2020, the potential market for design in India is expected to be INR 188.32 billion (GBP 1.43 billion). Only a fifth of the design market is currently tapped.Given the positive demographics, rising educational aspirations, openness to pursue alternate careers, employment opportunities and increased affordability of higher education, the number of design aspirants is increasing every year.The strategic nature of design helps solve problems in ways that are functionally and aesthetically pleasing and make economic sense. Design helps to improve quality and differentiation, offer world class products and services, improve business efficiencies, productivity and margins, increase revenues and achieve higher market share and accelerated growth. In this context the Tamil Nadu Technology Development & Promotion Centre of CII is organizing the 3rd Edition - Conference on Automotive Design & Styling with the theme "Design & Styling in India - Emerging Market" . The event is scheduled on 13thOctober 2017 at Hotel ITC Grand Chola, Chennai.The Conference covers various areas under the following topics

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Design as evolved to into a new paradigm of development. It has transformed from a tool to make aesthetically pleasing and desirable products to a key role player in business to stay competitive and also in people's lives. It is a discipline that drives economic growth, shapes human interactions with objects and systems and improves quality of life people. It is time that our industry and businesses recognize this and embraces design as an integral part of the business eco-system. Companies must place design at the centre of their business strategy so as to gain and sustain competitive advantage in a global marketplace. In recent years, the Indian design industry has enjoyed positive growth with rising demand, an increasing number of businesses and rising turnover. The Future is completely based on the innovation, we are becoming a trend setter with respect to the contributions made towards designing in vehicles that are being well accepted globally. India is one of those countries which is the fastest growing & adapting nation with respect to style and design of the vehicle. Designs have played a crucial role in bringing a change in the automotive Industry, India has a huge bunch of young talented designers who will shape the future of the designing in vehicles by bringing in innovative designs to cater the needs of the customer.
When many people think about an automotive prototype, they assume it represents a single step in the validation process between the initial design of the product and the final production run.In actuality, automotive prototyping plays a number of vital roles during the design validation process that culminates in manufacturing. An automotive prototype can be used to ensure that a product can be made, to decide on the types of materials that are best for a product, and to evaluate what types of equipment should be used to manufacture the part.Among the possibilities for differentiation, intuitive feature design and usageholds significant value potential but is currently one of the least tapped innovation areas. Recent technological developments in production such as additive manufacturing (3D printing) or smart industries may provide the solutions to address this key challenge. However, affordability and the benefits of mass-production regarding costeffectiveness as well as the roles in human-machine collaboration have to be considered. A digital breakthrough of the complete manufacturing processes itself is needed.
The visual appearance of a product plays a critical role in consumer response and product success. Products are usually judged on the basis of elegance, functionality and social significance based on the visual information.A good design is one of the essential features in product development; a well-functioning, visually and ergonomically attractive product can clear differentiate itself in the competitive market. A number of foreign firms initiated joint ventures with Indian companies. The entry of global manufacturers enabled introduction of new technologies, new products, improved quality and better efficiencies which in turn acted as a catalyst to the development of local component industry
Design as a methodology imbues the full spectrum of innovation activities. Design Innovation is powered by a thorough understanding, through direct observation, of what people want and need in their lives and what they like or dislike about the way particular products are made, packaged, marketed, sold and supported. Design is an important source of user-centered innovation and competitiveness for businesses. For many companies facing global competition and severe price pressure, design is a necessary means of differentiation. With global car makers looking at India for innovative automobile products, the scope for indigenously designed vehicles is also growing. Some of the global car makers have setup captive design facilities in India. The Future is completely based on the innovation, we are becoming a trend setter with respect to the contributions made towards designing in vehicles that are being well accepted globally. India is one of those countries which is the fastest growing & adapting nation with respect to style and design of the vehicle.

objectives of conference

  • Serve as a knowledge platform to discuss on design and styling trends in automotive sector with a Global / Local standpoint.
  • Discuss emerging technologies that support design and innovation and offer higher freedom to today’s designers while not compromising on QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery)
  • Discuss, create, imagine, debate a design-rich ecosystem that ensures sustainability and profitability
  • Aid government agencies in the development of effective policy and provisions for design resources / infrastructure

conference retrospect

conference highlights

target audience

More than 300 senior management personnel from diverse industries all over India and abroad are expected to attend this conference.


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CII Members 3000
Non Members 4000
Academic Institution 2500
Overseas Participant 5000
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    0830 - 0930 HRSRegistration
    0930 - 1030 HRSINaugural Session

    1. Mr Srinivas Aravapalli
      Conference Chair &
      Senior Vice President &
      Head Product Development
      Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

      Mr M Srinivasa Rao

      General Manager

      Make In India Labs

      ITM Group Institutes

      Mr S N Eisenhower

      Past Chairman

      CII Tamil Nadu &

      Director - Operations

      Saint-Gobain Glass India & Solar Malaysia

      Mr Pradeep Nair
      Managing Director
      Autodesk India

      Mr M S Shanmugam, IAS
      Additional Secretary to Government
      Industries Department
      Government of Tamil Nadu

    1030 - 1045 HRSTea / Coffee
    1045 - 1145 HRS

    Mr Ramesh Manickam

    Founder - CEO Industrial Design Director 

    Centroid Design 

    Mr Venkataramana Mantha


    Assystem Technologies India Pvt Ltd

    Ms Naveena Swamy

    Cheif Innovation Officer

    IITM Research Park

    Mr Ovidiu Olaru

    Head of I CV&AM R&D India

    Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket

    Continental Automotive Components (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    Mr Srikanth Sudhir

    Senior Principal Engineer Trims Engg.

    Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

    Mr Simhachalam Bade

    Senior General Manager

    Corporate Technology Center

    Tube Investments of India

    1145 - 1300 HRS

    Mr Sriram G

    R&D Director

    Valeo India Private Limited

    Mr Sivakumar S

    Head Industrial Design

    Royal Enfield

    Mr Mohan Desu

    Vice President & Global Delivery Head

    Design & Manufacturing Engineering

    Satyam Venture Engineering Services

    Mr Binoy Paul

    Engineering Director

    Visteon Corporation

    This session shall discuss on the opportunities and challenges automobiles in the future as people are increasingly using multiple modes of transport, depending on the purpose and destination, so the road ahead for mobility cannot be mapped out by one industry alone.

    1300 - 1400 HRSLunch
    1400 - 1530 HRS

    Dr P V Ramana

    Founder Chairman

    ITM group of Institutions

    Mr.Philippe Hidden

    International Business Development Director

    Assystem Technologies, France

    Mr Shibashis Ghosh

    Technical Specialist


    Mr Selvakumar Rajendran

    Managing Director

    Accenture Services Private Limited

    Mr Keerti Malavooru

    Technical Manager Manufacturing Solutions

    Autodesk India (P) Ltd

    Discuss on what aspects India industry can become the hub for the global manufactures on Automobiles in concept design to futuristic styling. By having prototypes created throughout the automotive product lifecycle, stakeholders and manufacturing production industries can all work together to realize a concept efficiently and cost-effectively.

    1530 - 1545 HRSTea / Coffee Break
    1545 - 1700 HRS

    Mr Ovidiu Olaru

    Head of I CV&AM R&D India

    Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket

    Continental Automotive Components (India) Pvt. Ltd.,

    Mr Krishna Srinivas

    Sr. Vice President CTC

    Tube Investments of India Ltd

    Mr Murali Balasubramanian

    India Innovation Head

    FCA Engineering India Pvt Ltd

    Mr Yogesh Umbarkar

    Vice President Ricardo Software

    Ricardo India Private Ltd

    Dr Bala Pesala

    Principal scientist, CSIR

    Associate professor, AcSIR

    This session shall discuss on the complexity involved in new concepts and innovative design for the automotive and how OEM's, Tier I, Tier II and Tier III are adapting their manufacturing feasible to these futuristic concepts and return of investments towards the OEM's and Manufacturing industries.

    1700 - 1715 HRSConference wrap & close

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